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21/2-тонная 6x6 американская амфибия21/2-тонная 6x6 американская амфибия по прозвищу "Дак" ("Утка"). Широко использовалась американцами в Новой Каледонии. Перевозила 25 человек или до 5000 фунтов груза.

AMPHIBIAN TRUCK, 21/2-ton 6x6, nicknamed “the Duck,” standardized in
October 1942, proved to be an extremely valuable piece of equipment. It could
operate on land or water and was often used to bring supplies ashore where there
were no ports or harbors available for larger craft. Supplies loaded from ships
onto the Ducks could unload at the supply dumps, saving the extra handling
involved when lighters or similar craft were used. This vehicle could carry
approximately 25 men and their equipment or a 5,000-pound payload.
Джэк Дэниэлс
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