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THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER USS YORKTOWN burning. Midway. Авианосец Йорктаун. Битва за Мидуэй

Авианосец Йорктаун при битве ща Мидуэй был повреждён и когда его буксировали торпедирован и потоплен. С авианосцем американцы потеряли 250 самолётов.
На снимке пожар на авианосце.

At the Battle of Midway the Yorktown was badly damaged and
while being towed was torpedoed and sunk by an enemy submarine. After losing
all four of its aircraft carriers and 250 planes, the Japanese fleet abandoned the
assault and retired from the scene. During the battle the main body of the fleet
had come no closer than 500 miles to Midway. As in the Battle of the Coral Sea,
surface vessels made no contact during the engagement. The Battle of Midway,
one of the decisive battles in the Pacific, stopped Japanese expansion to the east,
and Midway remained in U.S. hands. The U.S. losses were one aircraft carrier,
one destroyer, and 150 planes. From this time on the balance of power in the
Pacif ic shifted steadily in favor of the Allies.

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